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A honest what I eat in a day

If I’m being honest, dieting is just not for me.

I’d rather be eating when I’m hungry then eating every two to three hours…

Tracking my food gives me an extreme level of anxiety, therefore I try as much as I can to keep my eating clean, for the most part, enjoying a sweet treat here and there (#livelife).

I also have goals that I wish to conquer by the end of this year (fingers crossed).

I have this notebook I keep with me everyday, that helps me stay on track on this journey, so I don’t forget how far I’ve come and not give up! There, I have all my feelings, struggles and goals that I’ve accomplish so far.

If you want a body transformation post on this blog, let me know in the comments section, I’d definitely do a post on it.

So, getting started with de “what I eat in a day”


When I wake up I usually don’t feel much hungry, so I like to start my day with a cup of fresh water.

After that I’ll have my bulletproof coffee – which, by the way, is delicious – made with a tablespoon of coconut oil, two shots of coffee and a dash of almond milk. That’s my real start of the day! With this, I only get hungry at lunch time.



My lunches vary with what I have on the fridge or what is leftover yesterday – True – so today I made me a green salad with two poached eggs and half of an avocado.

Usually after lunch I’ll have a square or two of sugar free chocolate, just to stop me having sugar cravings during the day, which for me, it works.



At dinner I’ll go fancy!

This day I made my tofu curry recepie – which tastes amazing – with sauteed spinach. I have my dinner at around 8 pm, after my workout of the day, so I don’t feel guilty if I’m craving more food than usual.

I’ll definitely have two dishes of this without guilt, because this recipe is that good! If you’d like to know the recipe, let me know in the comments.


Closer to bed time, I’ll have a cup of tea while listening to some music. This really help me relax before sleeping. Try it for yourself 🙂


Important fact: during the day I’ll drink a minimum of two liters of water.




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I went to London… For the second time.

Well, I guess I’m starting this blog with a little trip.

London, I came back!

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On 2014, London was my very first trip alone, at my 20’s. It was the first and the most exciting trip I’ve ever experienced back in the day.

Everything in London is unique in its own way. The people, the stress, the rush, the diversity, the culture, the colours, the athmosphere… I remember, back in 2014, visiting London was this big thing, and now that I came back, this city continues to surprise me.

Outfit 1

Jeans H&M; Belt Mango; Shoes New Balance; T-Shirt Mango; Jacket Zara; Purse Mango

Outfit 2

Skirt Stradivarius; Shoes Seaside; Turtleneck Top Stradivarius; Jacket Primark; Watch One; Purse Mango

Outfit 3

Shorts Stradivarius; Shoes Seaside; Blouse Mango; Jacket Primark; Purse Mango